'Cause I'm not comin' back
I'm closin' the door

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I'm 9teen this year.
ITE Simei is where I'm currently mugging at.
& I'm taking up nursing course which is passion (:
I love doing sports & beware cause i've a "helluva"(hell of a) attitude!
I do not live for others cause I believe strongly in myself only!
Oh Btw, I'm Not The Girl Your Mommy Warned You About Because Her Imagination Was Never This Good! :DD


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    Sunday, 23 November 2008, 9:47 PM

    why must my heart beat vry fast weneva i get tha see ya sumwhere ?? i just hate the feeling of it. i just dun wish 2 see you niwae cos you are not person i kw now. once wen u dun lyk the person its natural for anotha person to feel uncomfortable weneva she sees he or she. so yeahh. you ask for it. From the start you are the one whu came 2 me. you wanted love. but i din give at first. cos it was just a beginning to me. i was super new tha tis type of things. but then once wen i agree for your proposal. i decide to give it chance n experience aso. but slowly without me realising i started lovin you.(well thats the past). even now weneva i think of all the things u say n did mke me pissed. you will get tha see the same person u use to see in me.

    AND i want you tha know what goes ard comes ard.. thanks for those swit memories.the feelin towards you is totally gone.u just lost a gd gal lyk me. u will realise it. n that its too late. im gona be the way i used to be. i lyk it tis way. i got ma family n otha love ones. AND i aso wanna thanks those were by ma side. seriously i own u ppl man. now im njoying maself.i wont regret being wit you. cos u thought me hw tha choose a person in ma life. n i will neva trust any fkin idiotic guys words easily. so sorry guys. cos i just hate ppl whu are fake. you kw the pain, but you gave it to me. how cruel were you. god is watching. he will ans my prayers. thats all for now.

    p.s all this was in my thoughts fer so long. nw only i decide to blog abt it.
    sorry if i meant anything wrong.

    tkecre people!

    6:10 AM


    ~deepavali && yas bday photos ~

    p.s : most of the deepavali photos are uploaded at mua frenster. =)

    Monday, 17 November 2008, 9:01 PM

    hellooooooooo ! im back im back ! lol. i know i haf not been bloggin so long. but i haf got ma reasons. i just got lots of projects to hand up. plus ma sc h tymin rilly suckssss. but i still do njoy comin to sch. even now im at ma sch mlc blogging. cos im lyk hafin ms break til 2. my tcher is super nice she let us off early to finish ma last project which we r surpose to end in this thurs. well we r almost done wit our projects. just some touched up.

    And yeahh i haf lots of photos to upload. seriously lots to updates. well i only can uploads those photos anotha day. when im rilly free. plus the photos r not wit me nw. its at ma hse desktop. yeahh plus after tis at 2 ,its ma nafa test.. im lyk kinda lazy. but i gotta run. cos lately i haf put on lil weight which i rilly need tha burn that. yesshh ma sch ends early todae. cos i dun haf tha go for ma last lesson. weeeeeeeeeee! *jumps ard *

    alright i gotta help ma fren to the project nw. will update real soon. ermm . hopepfully. tkecree people!

    muackies :D