'Cause I'm not comin' back
I'm closin' the door

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I'm 9teen this year.
ITE Simei is where I'm currently mugging at.
& I'm taking up nursing course which is passion (:
I love doing sports & beware cause i've a "helluva"(hell of a) attitude!
I do not live for others cause I believe strongly in myself only!
Oh Btw, I'm Not The Girl Your Mommy Warned You About Because Her Imagination Was Never This Good! :DD


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    Thursday, 19 June 2008, 11:19 PM

    Hi ppl. yeah afta quite sum tym im back to blog. As 2day is ma off day. Thats y i thought of bloggin. Plus as usual im bored. Abt ma work. im tired of repeatin the same phrase. so sick lor. Til ma mouth will be so pain. i got no choice tha repeat cos its our job. oh gosh n beileving it ant we got 10 steps tha say. It's call the 100% customer satisfaction. so sian ryt? i know. lol.


    1. Greet customer.(gd morning or gd afternoon)
    2. Confirm address
    3. Inform delivery timing
    4. Suggest promotions
    5. Take order & suggest sell
    6. Repeat to confirm
    7. Variefy payment
    8. Inform delivery timin again
    9. Time order taken & time order arrive
    10. Thank customer & closin spvel

    Btw u think i follow all tis steps. muahaha. sumtyms only. Only when the manager walk pass. bad gal ryt.if i too sian i will just log off. my fren n i will go toilet break . sit near the staircase n chit-chat.well yez my fren n i were unlucky. we were goiin bk to our work. tis guy was waitin outside the lift for us. he ask whr we go. we were lyk ermm ermm.. then he said tha smoke is it. we will lyk yaya. haha for fun. then afta that our team leader tell us between 6 30 to 830 we cant go dwn to smoke. but actually we both dont smoke at all. haha. boo! we both were lyk oh rilly. ok sure.. hehe. then abt 8 35pm our team leader ask us. u all wanna go n smoke. we were lyk nvm dont want la. then he said sure ahh. haha. *stick our tongue* :D okay i haf crap alot abt ma work ordy. i shall blog anotha day. tkecree ppl . haf a nice day ahead! (:

    Saturday, 14 June 2008, 8:49 PM

    H-E-L-L-O ! .. Im back tha blog ppl. well yea im haf been workin so din haf the tym tha blog. &
    today unforturnately im got tha work 5 til 10. *sadsad* It's fathers day i gotta work. nvm. alrightt i got no mood tha blog ordyy. hmphs! will update my blog soon. til then tkecre peepx.
    last but not least wanna wish all fathers...






    Monday, 9 June 2008, 9:54 PM

    WELL ,im back tha blog again ppl. As im bored got nth tha do. so i shall update on what i did frm fri onwrds. ON friday my cousin jithen wanted tha meet up wid my sisters n me. we were all as usual same planning. just tha catch a movie n eat. hahaha. Here is hw the real story goes actually. we all met at tampines mrt stat n proceed tha tampines mall. since we awiz hang out nearby. wanted sumthin diff. since it was ordy 7. so we went tha book the tickets. we all wanted tha watch SEX AND THE CITY. As usual the queue was long n the tix was sellin fast. my elder sis n me were lining up. As my cousin n ma anotha sis were waiting outside. cos dey were underage. our turn came then that toopid lady ask for five icS. den me elder sis actually came up of sumthing tha say. but the lady was lyk no 17 plus aso cannt. lyk wtf. Then we just left the place with no choice just becoz of those bunch of underage monkeys. =P.

    We called our mum tha ask whr was she. lucky she was at hme . cos she was tellin if we gona watch movie at yis she will cum. so we ask her tha get ready n meet us at golden village at yis.we ask her tha buy the tix for us,at least dey wont rilly suspect. cos we know thr dey wont ask for ic's. HAHA. then we all took taxi frm tamp tha yis as tym was running up. As thr were still sum tym left. my mum n we all decided tha eat at burger king. den we all went tha watch the sex n the city. The movie was nice except those disgustin scences n sound. it was abt those 4 girls life.i wld encourage all of those ppl tha go wid a clean mind. lols.oh gosh, i cld nt imagine. i prefer if they put the movie for those R21. I wld call it a day for friday.

    Then Saturday, was my elder sis off day. she wanted tha go JB. so my elder sis , malar, thish and n me met n went. As usual our stomachs started tha make sum noises. so we went tha neela's tha haf our lunch. malar, thish n i ate rice wid few side dishes such as vegi mutton , long beans , pigeon egg , chicken sambal and tofu sambal. my elder sis ate maggie goreng. Afta that we went tha city square tha get some stuffs. boughts vcds. then we all had some cravin for cakes. we went tha coffee bean, bought oreo cheesecake , brownie n chocolate mikeshake wid whipped cream. yummy! it was heaven man. haha. then it our last eating place at Jb was seasons. we shall share n ate tuna wid loaf bread , egg sandwish , chocolate crunch n cream chicken soup.

    we were all tired afta that so decided tha go bk. once we all reach s'pore. we were all lyk pheww..
    thish wanted tha go tha his grandfather's hse. so we all followed him. but malar went bk hme as she was damn tired. den we slack alil. Then abt 11 plus we went back hme afta sendin thish at the bus-stop. EnD of sat. sunday i was just slackin at hme. Ard aft went joggin wid ma mum n preya. den ate at the 24hrs indian shop. n went bk tha shower n catch up some shows at vasantham central. thats all. now shroll dwn for sum picz!(:

    me posing afta hafin a great food :D

    ~malar & me ~

    The four of us whu went for thr m'sia trip ! :D

    Afta hafin a gd meal at neela's rest.. (:

    Back tha s'pore :D

    my heaven!(orea cheesecake)

    chocolate milkshake, oreocheesecake & brownie ((:

    me, jitz, preya & yasoda (:

    jitz thanks for closin ur eyes.

    jitz n mua mum :D


    Thursday, 5 June 2008, 8:20 AM
    MyEXAMSare over.... :D

    hello everyone.. alright i just dunnoe hw im gona share my happiness tha u ppl. but im just happy that ma exams r finally ovr. Today was my last paper. and it was biological science II. The hardest module that i can eva understand. Ppl close tha me will understand cos i awiz grumble tha dem. no choice dey gotta listen to it. hahas.

    Infact abt the bio paper. it was easy. which most of us din expect. well i shall stop talkin about my exams as it is ordy done. Just h0pe for the bez. gd luck for your result ppl. (:
    AND now im hafing my holidays til july 6. Tis tym round im gona spend it wisely. As it lyk im gona work. Want sum money for shoppin. lol. N of cos im gona njoy my holi too the max.

    Coz july 7 i haf gotta go for my attachment. 5 weeks at TTSH , 2 weeks at IMH && anotha 2 weeks at kkh. it will b just nice for me tha slp n go for work. Nvrtheless it's my smile that keep me going. alright im gona stop here. cos im kinda tired. As i was burnin midnite oil pass few days studyin fer ma exams! so yaa, tkecree ppl. (:


    Tuesday, 3 June 2008, 1:25 AM
    H-E-L-L-O ~ (:

    hi ppl. yeahh afta so long . I haf created a blog which i wanted it fer a long tym. cos it wld kill me when im BORED!!. well it wld b nice if those whu view my blog tha TAG on it. (: haha.

    && yeahh im lyk surpose tha b studyin for my exams. but i cant resist tha blog. cos just created mahh. lol ! ya abt the tagging part, pls dont use any bad or any kinda words. it will be much appreciated. alright then that's abt it. ii will blog soon.mayb afta my exams. so tkecree peeps! haf a nice day ahead! :D

    ME ! (:

    Love tis pic. cos of the eyeliner !