'Cause I'm not comin' back
I'm closin' the door

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I'm 9teen this year.
ITE Simei is where I'm currently mugging at.
& I'm taking up nursing course which is passion (:
I love doing sports & beware cause i've a "helluva"(hell of a) attitude!
I do not live for others cause I believe strongly in myself only!
Oh Btw, I'm Not The Girl Your Mommy Warned You About Because Her Imagination Was Never This Good! :DD


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    Friday, 4 July 2008, 7:57 PM


    Here is a poem that i found in the net n decicded tha share it,

    Happiness is fake,
    Leading up tp a fall,
    Pulling you along,
    Giving up your all,
    It never lasts forever,
    And leave you horribly sad,
    For the space where it was,
    Is always filled with bad,
    It leaves a hole in you,
    Until you writhe in pain,
    Wishing it had never come,
    To make you go insane,
    At least if it was never there,
    You cant feel sorrow,
    You dont know what it is,
    As you wait for the morrow,
    Joy is only temporary,
    Sadness lasts forever,
    Filling you with pain,
    Ending only never,
    If you're never happy,
    Then you're never sad,
    And that is so much worse,
    It eventually drives you mad.

    *Everything happens for the good* :D