'Cause I'm not comin' back
I'm closin' the door

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I'm 9teen this year.
ITE Simei is where I'm currently mugging at.
& I'm taking up nursing course which is passion (:
I love doing sports & beware cause i've a "helluva"(hell of a) attitude!
I do not live for others cause I believe strongly in myself only!
Oh Btw, I'm Not The Girl Your Mommy Warned You About Because Her Imagination Was Never This Good! :DD


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    Friday, 26 September 2008, 9:07 PM

    i just think tis quotes is so true. Got a reason why i choose tis comment. =)

    AND yeahh neva allow someone to be your priority, while allowin yourself to be their option !

    Sunday, 21 September 2008, 9:49 PM
    15 sept 09 <3

    MY birthday was full surprises. This is hw it goes actually, 14 sept at 11 30 just half an hour before ma birthday. Malar n maheson called me ask me tha come under ma blk sayin she wanna be with me til 12 midnyt. then i was lyk okae. my mum was nicely actin wid me askin why i wanna go dwn at this tym act lyk suspecting me. i was lyk its only malar. then i wen off. we were just slackin under ma blk takin pic . then abt 12am malar n maheson still acting cool wishin me ''happy birthdae'' all. malar gave me so call french kiss on 12 midnyt. oopsy ! haha. sry malar our secret has been said. lol

    Then she brought me tha sit near ma house playgrd dere. den toopid maheson wanted tha camwhore. we were just simply takin lots of pics. Then frm behind i heard ppl saying '' SURPRISE , HAPPY BIRTHDAY'' omg i was super shocked but din kw hw tha react. i was emotionless. haha. it was all ma sec sch mates (ma close ones) , me beloved mum , sisters , vel(ddp). but thish came lastly with the cake. lol. i din say anythng n just keep smiling lyk 1 mad gal. haha.

    then i cut the cake. we all started giggling, tokin n hafin lots of fun. heres comes the saboing part. which lucky it was only flour. the mastermind behind tis was thish n malar. first thish was lyk vicky come u pose alone. i aso lyk stupid givin pose all widhout kwing. from behind malar pour the flour on me. i was lyk WTFFFFFFFFF. then suda add on to it. keep blessin me wid lots of flour. den malar knew she gona kenna too. she was standin far away. but i end up chasin her wid some flour. lucky end up she din kenna the flour. poor gal nvm leave her ale luhs. *winks*. then wid the flour on i still took some pics. dere were some candid shots of me. arghhh. sucks man . hehe. then it was abt 1 plus . most of them gotta go bk ordy as dey got work n sch the nxt day. so we went home. i still cld not slp. cos birthday mah . was being exicted lyk small kid. lol.

    i went tha sch on ma bday. n dere mua frens all was wishin me. plus 1 of ma classmates even announce tha all ma classmates tellin its ma bday. lol . puspha ma close bestie n maryann bought for me a slice of cake frm HANS. hw swt of them. n maryann was cute kwin what type of cake i love. dey bought for me cheesecake brownie *drools* i had fun at sch too. AT Nyte my family we all went tha eat at gayatri . wah the food there was shiok man ! i will call it a dae for ma birthday !!



    At gayatri 's rest whackin the food !!!
    posing with mua love ones =) my cakeeeeeeeeeee! =)
    me posin with the lovely cakeee! xp




    mum n mua 2 sisters <33
    me n the cakeeeeee! *yummy* xp

    Thursday, 11 September 2008, 4:32 AM

    well well, i kw i haf not been bloggin for long tym. i got mua reasons. as i was busy wid mua attachment, which just haf ended. plus i nw haf tha go bk tha school for 2 weeks. after that only is mua holidays. omg im just waitin for it. In this 2 weeks, i haf got a cpr phase test n cpr test. its lyk a course. And i finally finish mua course today. mua hands r super duper pain. plus nxt week we will b learning abt onco. oh gosh may god bless me. i just super tired. really really need a holi tha relax maself.

    plus actually i got lots of foto tha upload, will upload it in ma nxt tag.im gona rest now. will update on me soon.

    P.S: MUA BIRTHDAYY IS COMIN SOON ; 15 SEPT 09. weeeeeeeeee !! =)