'Cause I'm not comin' back
I'm closin' the door

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I'm 9teen this year.
ITE Simei is where I'm currently mugging at.
& I'm taking up nursing course which is passion (:
I love doing sports & beware cause i've a "helluva"(hell of a) attitude!
I do not live for others cause I believe strongly in myself only!
Oh Btw, I'm Not The Girl Your Mommy Warned You About Because Her Imagination Was Never This Good! :DD


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    Wednesday, 13 August 2008, 7:09 PM

    Its karma hunk, *what goes ard comes ard*


    4:07 AM

    hello ppl. im so free nw got nthg better tha do. so decided tha update on where am i currently posted at. hees! n ya im attach at IMH for 2 weeks. well too most of dem. imh might be scary o r mayb fun tha them. is hw dey see it as. but to ma option its BOTH. usually our first impression wld be oh gosh scary. 1 of the reason is bcos b4 goin tha d ward. we hear many things frm the ppl workin thr plus those of ma frens whu were attach dere b4. some of the things dey said were. lyk example. Dont stand so close tha dem,Dont b too friendly,Dont b standin at the corner, 2 student nurses must b wit 1 patient n so on. so tis mke us tink whetha its safe workin. but for those staffs dey r nt cos those patients are scare of dem. so yeaa.

    My first day. i was kinda exicted at the same tym aso a lil scare. but i when i enter the ward i din wanna gv the impression tha d patient dat im scare of dem.i just smile whenever dey tok tha me. some of them are cute, scary n funny. =). The past 2 days tis is what i saw frm the patients. on the first day durin ma break i saw tis patient eatin left over food. i was lyk. yucks! but of cos we cant blame them. secondly i got tis vry cute patient, damn cute lah. hw i wish i cld pinch him. oopsy! okay i gotta relax. he loves tha sing song n clap alg. n he is damn helpful. n got tis patient whu loves tha eat wadeva he sees. even if thats bad. example today d otha patient vomited after eatin d papaya. he faster went tha eat that. oh gosh. we will lyk eeeeeeee.. but as again its cos dey r nt in their mind. yeahh to say in a positive manner dey r the ones closer tha GOD!

    On our last day we all gona plan a small party for them. i guess dey r gona b ovrjoyed. :D Im sure tis postin wld b a gd experience tha us. To everyone out thr treasure every moment of ur life. cos u will nt kw whats will happen tha ya nxt. Awaes EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED ! wit tis sayin im gona sign off, n will blog soon. cheers! =))

    Sunday, 10 August 2008, 10:59 PM

    hello. im back tha blog after so so long. my frens haf been askin me tha blog. haa. i was lyk super lazy. oopsy ! okays im gona update on where i went n how i celebrated mua national day. bfore dat i know im super late. but still wld lyk tha wish singapore, A HAPPY 43TH BDAY ! weeee! =)

    well. here hw it goes, Abt 5 plus my sisters n i headed tha city hall tha meet suba n malar ovr dere. Esplanade was super packed. then we went thru the otha exit. we got settle dwn near a place whr we cld watch fireworks n thr was a screen shwin what was happenin at tha parade. the weatha was kinda cool. as usual we took pictures. cos its a must wen we go out. we were all really njoyin ourself. but sumthing gotta really pissed us. i will tell u why. my elder sis was super hungry so we wanted tha go sumwhere n grab sumthing light. so while headin our way tha dat place. the place started tha b vry crowded. n most of the ppl was d banglas. argghhhh. the smell of dem. *faints* haha. seriously dey were behaving lyk one. no comments. but i was lyk scolding dem. hees! =) then we went til d end. but in the end thr was no exit thr. oh gosh. so we were all shoutin at the banglas no way. must U-turn. we haf tha shout many tyms. dunkw mayb dey dun understand us or dey got hearing impairments. haha. we got no choice n got tha squeeze n watch d fireworks wid dem. damnn ! but the fireworks was super nice luhs.

    then sumhw the people started walkin. cos the parade was cumin tha d end . then we faster walk.,sumhw or rather we find our way out n took d train tha bugis n ate at pastamania. then we all din haf tha mood tha club so we went tha arab street for sheesha. it was really nicee man. first tym tryin it. =) then abt 12 we left the place n headed home. we all were tired. but we all really haf lots of fun! alright i guess i will stop here. Mke the pics do the tokin now. hahaa ! *winks*

    The five of us =))

    subaa dearie n mua =)

    malar darls n me =)

    wah see the smoke cover malar face ordy:D

    me n thish sheesha-ing =)

    busy eating =P

    chocolate banana pizza, yummy !

    just posing =)

    lovely fireworks !!